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We are Team Bungie and we are back! Our team of expert puzzle solvers and board gamers are ready and excited to compete the the 10th anniversary of the The Gauntlet. 

More important, we are excited to support our long term friends at Gamers Engaged and the amazing work they do within our industry!

For this year's edition, we have three very special incentives for our donors:

$25 - Shine Triumphant Emblem*
Our goal is to Shine Triumphant during this year's Gauntlet competition on May 19 and we hope you all tune in for the competition!

*Emblems will be sent via code by May 31st after the campaign as closed. Please ensure you select this incentive from above and enter the correct email address when prompted.

$100 - Programmer Art (Limit 100)
Take home your very own (non)expert art drawn by hand by the Bungie team. While our art skills may be mid at best, its the effort and heart that really count. Donors who select this incentive will submit a photo of themselves (or their pet) that they would like us to re-create by hand. We ARE NOT artists, but we will give it our all. Each piece will be signed and numbered.

$500 - Destiny 2 Gameplay Session w/ Bungie (1 hour - limit 25)
Join our fireteam for a memorable gaming experience that you will never forget! Team up with us for an hour and chat with the team at Bungie about whatever your heart desires (except spoilers! There will be absolutely no spoilers or secrets told).


The Gauntlet: Into the Deep is an online fundraising campaign and culminating in-person tournament for the benefit of Gamers Engaged. Learn more about the important work of Gamers Engaged below!

About our Beneficiary- Gamers Engaged: After 9 years as a successful employee engagement program at Card Kingdom, Gamers Engaged became an independent nonprofit organization, 501c3, in 2021. We are dedicated to creating meaningful change in our society by connecting individuals and games industry companies with nonprofits that can utilize their time, treasure, and talent! 


In 2024, with funds secured via The Gauntlet, we are thrilled to launch our new low-barrier grant program for nonprofits. Our grant program supports organizations that are making a big difference in areas such as basic needs, health/mental health, education, and community/neighborhood development in our Pacific Northwest backyard and across the United States. 




The Gauntlet In-Person Tournament

On Sunday, May 19th, 2024,  sixteen teams will gather at Mox Boarding House game store in Bellevue, WA.  to compete in a contest of skill and chance,  to celebrate our 10th year of fundraising!  The whole day is a day of Games and Giving, and will be live streamed for viewers to engage in, as well.

During  the weeks leading up to the tournament, teams of four, from local community groups and games industry businesses, will raise donations for The Gauntlet.  These donations will unlock power-ups to aid them as they compete in a series of tabletop games to win glory, and victoriously hoist the Gauntlet! 

For more information on how to make a donation, please visit the team or individual pages to show your support!








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