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Founded in 2013 by Lyla Ross, Gamers Engaged has evolved from its roots as Card Kingdom's corporate giving arm into a standalone 501(c)(3) powerhouse. After 9 years as a successful employee engagement program at Card Kingdom, Gamers Engaged became an independent nonprofit organization in 2021. We are dedicated to creating meaningful change in our society by connecting individuals and games industry companies with nonprofits that can utilize their time, treasure, and talent! 


Today, the nonprofit’s work is focused on three areas: 1) Hosting gamified fundraising events (like the Gauntlet) that bring together donors, gamers, and companies and benefit nonprofits through our grant program. 2) Advising game industry companies on the creation of high-quality Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Engagement programs. 3) Connecting nonprofits with companies looking for volunteer opportunities for their employees and lightening the load to make those volunteer activations happen at scale. 




Our focus is to bring support and awareness to local charities whose mission it is to improve education, fulfill basic human needs and support our neighborhoods and communities.

  • Education: Preschools, K-12, Higher Ed, Technical schools, Tutoring and Mentoring Programs, Before and After school programs such as Math and Science Club, Chess Club, etc.
  • Basic Needs: Programs that support Basic Health, Mental Health, and Health Education such as Food banks, Community Mental Health, Veterans and other Social Service Programs, Homeless Shelters, etc.
  • Neighborhoods/Community: Programs that promote positive social connection, teambuilding, and networking, etc. within our geographic community as well as our virtual community